1066 Tournament – £66 Prize – Round 1

£10.00 Per Ticket

Winner is: miriamj03uk

Ticket number: 8 Answer: 1066

Congrats, Miriam Jordan


About This Competition

Ten to Sixty Six Tournament!

Step into the realm of 1066 Competitions, where chance and destiny intertwine in our riveting “Ten to Sixty-Six Competition.” With each £10 entry, you secure a ticket on the path to potential victory. This isn’t your ordinary tournament—here, the thrill builds as contestants join the quest, and the fate of £66 hangs in the balance.

No need for jousts or duels;  As soon as all ten spots are claimed or the clock strikes the end date, a new round will start giving more opportunities to contend for another £66 prize!

Don’t miss your chance—immerse yourself in the Ten to Sixty-Six Competition and let fate decide your fortune!

Max 2 Entries Per Customer, Cash or Credit Choice for the Winner!

Sell out will result in new rounds being activated and more Winners, announced all together on our Live Draw!